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Shit we provide

We have a cleanse to fit your every need, and event. 

Monthly Cleanse Subscription

What? You thought doing one cleanse once in your life would rid you of disease, burn fat, and make you get it on like a rockstar? Geddafuckouttaheya. Keep it real bro/bro-ette. A regular regimen of cleansing is a sure way to ensure healthy liver function, and really make a difference. 

Juicer Fountain/Bar Catering

Gym opening? Birthday party? Wedding? Ahh yes work Luncheon. Next time you have a work meeting, have healthy options for beverages. Show your co-workers that you give a shit about something other than Tara's excessive use of hand sanitizer, plus your personal trainer is beyond tired of you using that work luncheon as an excuse to eat like a damn sea lion.


Don't know your head from your ass in the gym? Or do you know it all, but lack the results. Well of course we do fitness tings. Straight up. Book a strategy call Click to see just how we can get your ass in check with daily coaching and exercise.